Discover our unusual underground world

The rose accompanies you on a guided tour through the underground galleries of falun, which have been dug for several thousand years and are still in use today.

You will discover a complete exhibition of fossils, from the temporary underground refuge to the troglodytic dwelling, an old underground bistro as well as the highlight of the show, "La Sablière", a large gallery dug by the hand of man.

Finally, discover a more contemporary part reserved for artists where works have been created over time. This tour will immerse you in the history of this amazing site.


Thematic visits are possible for schools 

CE1 / CE2 : The extraordinary world of troglodytes

CM1 / CME2 : A troglodyte life : the example of Mr and Mrs Gregoire

Colleges and high schools : Doué la Fontaine from below to above - The evolution of the town

If you are a teacher or in charge of a school group or discovery class, do not hesitate to ask us about the content of the visits.


To reserve, call us at 02 41 50 98 79 or contact us by e-mail